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Bernzomatic Welding Brazing and Cutting Torch Kit

Price: $59.95

Product Features
  • Join or repair many types of metals with this handy kit
  • Kit includes burner wand, and hose
  • Oxygen regulator, and fuel gas valve cylinder stand
  • MG9 16 oz. MAPP Gas cylinder, and OX9 1,1 cubic foot oxygen cylinder
  • Spark lighter and 5 brazing/welding rods




Micro Torch with Safety

Price: $13.45

Product Description
Product Description

Micro Torch with Safety

Features and Benefits:
  • Compact palm size is perfect for tool kits and field service kits
  • Produces an adjustable, wind resistant flame with temperatures up to 2500║F/1300║C, perfect for many micro torch applications
  • Built-in safety lock with improved easy to use self-ignition system
  • Meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) child safety requirements
  • Powered by refillable "fuel cell" (included) with flame adjustment lever
  • Built-in fuel level viewing window
  • Use with Master Ultratane« Butane for best performance
  • Pinpoint flame is perfect for soldering, de-soldering, heat shrinking and terminating, heating, lighting and many other applications
  • Patent pending






Bernzomatic 7 piece Propane Torch Kit

Price: $32.99

Product Features
  • Kit includes pencil flame torch head
  • 14.1 oz. propane cylinder
  • Utility flame brass tip, and flame spreader
  • Spark lighter, and flint
  • Complete with a convenient molded plastic carrying box





Butane Powered, Self Igniting, Pocket Sized Micro Torch


Price: $17.37

Product Description
Product Description

Pocket-Sized Micro Torch


  • Compact, fits easily into pocket or tool kit
  • Adjustable flame height for temperature up to 2500oF/1300oC
  • Run time: 20 minutes at maximum setting
  • Great for glass repair, shrink tubing, solder and desolder, terminates specialty connectors, or to light cigarettes and cigars.


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