Limitations of Torch Brazing ?

Among the disadvantages, the fact that the joint must conform to certain requirements of overlap form, length and clearance, so that butt joints are not recommended, the fact that brazing-alloys are generally more expensive, the use of flux which introduces one more variable, and the need to eliminate its residuals in order to prevent corrosion, the fact (if objectionable) that color of brazing-alloy may be different from that of base metal, some limitations which may arise as to which finishing processes are permitted, and possibly issues of resistance to corrosion, which might be impaired if the brazing joint is less resistant than base material.

Tip!: when Brazing a fitting onto a tube, it may be necessary to improve wetting (and results) by a mechanical movement. An accepted procedure is to provide a quarter of a circle motion and back to one of the two elements, while the brazing-alloy is in the molten state as the movement helps the filler displace any excess flux.



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