Heat Sources of Brazing


The heat for brazing is typically provided by a hand-held torch, a furnace or an induction heating system. Other techniques include dip brazing and resistance brazing.

Torch brazing is often used for small assemblies and low-volume applications. A “neutral” flame with a bluish to orange tip, a well-defined bluish white inner cone and no acetylene feather works the best; a flame with a colorless tip can cause oxidation. Although the quality of the joint is largely dependent on operator skill and consistency is sometimes an issue, torch brazing requires only a small investment and is very popular.

Furnace brazing does not required a skilled operator, and is often used to braze many assemblies at once. This method is only practical if the filler metal can be prepositioned. Furnaces normally must be left on 24/7 to eliminate long start up and cool down delays, and are not particularly energy efficient.

Dip brazing is used for small wires, sheets and other components that are small enough to be immersed. The parts are dipped in a molten flux bath which doubles as the heating agent. Resistance brazing is effective for joining relatively small, highly conductive metal parts. Heat is produced by the resistance of the parts to the current.

Induction heat has the advantages of speed, accuracy and consistency. In a well-designed induction system, each part is identically positioned in the induction coil and the filler material is carefully regulated. This type of system consistently and quickly delivers a precise amount of heat to a small area. The induction heating power supply’s internal timer can be used to control cycle time; temperature control feedback for each individual part can be provided with thermocouples, IR thermometers or visual temperature sensors. Induction
furnaces are also available for high volume brazing


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